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Swisscom – Liberty

My responsibilities for this show included development of the smoke trail, creating the billboard breakthrough in Cinema 4D, 3D compositing the shots in the clouds, creating the color space work flow for this project and general in house CG support.

The smoke trail had to touch the line of realistic and cartooney. The relation of scales was a particular point of attention. My challenge was it to find the most cost effective and versatile way of achieving this effect and make it flexible enough to share the workflow with all artists involved. The most common software among all artists and vendors was the Trapcode Particular plugin for After Effects. I created the overall look and behavior of the smoke trail with a custom controls interface to quickly and easily adjust to the current shot’s needs.

The billboard breakthrough started as a static camera shot on location. Through camera projection I created a 3D environment in Cinema 4D which allowed for the small camera movement required by the director. The hole was achieved by throwing an approximate shape at the CG billboard and letting the cloth simulator take over. Dust could and debris was simulated in Houdini. Color space workflow between CG elements and shot footage was new to the studio and together with the DIT I made sure that all the programs involved in the production would render out the correct colors.

Spacetrain – An Ode to Music

Animation, Compositing, Photoshop

Dinner for One

Film Restoration

Leica – Formula 1

Animation, Art Director, Compositing, Editing

Frauen, die ihren Mann stehen – Intro Animation

CG Lead, Compositing, Technical Director, VFX

Motorgleitschirm: Ein Pilgerflug über Spanien


Need For Speed – Most Wanted

Camera, Compositing, VFX

Swisscom – Vivo Tutto

Camera, CG Lead, Previs

Swiss Lotto – Jetzt Krachts

CG Lead, Modeling, Texturing, VFX

Swisscom – Liberty

Compositing, Modeling, Texturing, VFX

AH-64 Apache Texturing

Texturing, UV Unwrapping

Appenzeller Balance

Modeling, Texturing

Camille Bloch – Torino

Camera, Compositing, Lighting, Modeling, Texturing

Panavia Tornado GR4 Texturing

Texturing, UV Unwrapping

Camille Bloch – Mousse

Camera, Compositing, Lighting, Modeling, Texturing

Mig-15 Texturing

Texturing, UV Unwrapping

Camille Bloch – Ragusa

Camera, Lighting, Modeling, Texturing

Bell X-1

Texturing, UV Unwrapping

Bird’s Nest


Brothertunes – Better Video

Lighting, Modeling, Texturing, VFX